What our clients say

We’re lucky enough to have worked with some amazing businesses across Western Australia and in our local community of Bunbury. Here’s just a sample of the great things they’re saying about Brisk Technology.

As a Flying School our business is open 364 days a year and we need current weather and safety reports prior to every flight.
Brisk always resolve our IT issues promptly and efficiently and provide us with excellent, reliable IT solutions to suit our expanding business.

Pamela Ray - Administrator

Bunbury Flying School, Bunbury

We’d been having a range of issues with our previous IT service provider, so when Matt came along it was perfect timing.
We have over 60 staff in our Bunbury office, and Matt manages all technology issues for us – from internet, monitoring and backups to software upgrades and new equipment.
He also recently project managed the installation of our new server.
Matt is reliable, professional and easy to deal with – since we started working with Brisk, we’ve had no IT issues at all and we couldn’t be happier.

Michelle Gardiner - Director

Summit Realty South West

We’ve been working with Matt for over four years. In that time he’s been responsible for all our IT support. We’ve had a few scares over the years, but Matt has been on top of them and fixed them quickly. He’s approachable, reliable, good at what he does and definitely knows his stuff.

Greg Robinson - Managing Director

Dianella Electrics, Bunbury

I’ll admit I’m not particularly IT savvy, so one of the reasons I like working with Matt is that he just gets on with it and leaves me to focus on my business.  Brisk have been managing our IT for just over 3 years, looking after our computer maintenance, upgrades, software installations and any issues.
We have a monthly chat to discuss any requirements, but other than that Matt works entirely autonomously. He’s reliable and prompt – if we have a problem he’s always here within an hour. Highly recommended.

Mike Honeybell - Director

Totally Work Wear, Bunbury

Our previous IT company just wasn’t offering the level of service we needed. And that’s why we moved to Brisk.
With Matt you get far more face to face than we’ve ever had with our previous IT support – during our initial setup we had weekly meetings to ensure everything was running smoothly.
Now his support is more around maintenance, backups and installation of software, and, when we give him a buzz with an IT issue, he’s always quick to respond. We find Matt easy to talk to, and his interpretation of the technical jargon makes our lives easier – he definitely knows his stuff.

Byron Albrey - Director

Jandco Electrics, Bunbury